Subordination is the Backbone of the US Economy

Friday, April 11, 2014
By Margo Page

The backbone of the US economy

I have a business strategy for employers in the US. Any employee who is not completely passive and subordinate will be immediately eliminated. Have a zero tolerance policy for any employee who shares an opinion or even a minor constructive criticism of any company practice or policy. Any employee who stands out in the slightest way, including doing a better job than someone else will be fired. An obvious example of immediate cause for termination is politely explaining yourself to your supervisor after apologizing and before apologizing again during a private meeting. Another obvious example is questioning derogatory statements made by someone running a small, five person information session about harassment in the workplace.

Under this radical new idea, all employees who stay with the company will be repressed, maladjusted people who have suppressed their opinions all of their life. When they are promoted based on duration of employment and ability to be a blinking robotic minion, they will suddenly have unquestioned authority can have they can have epic power trips, and continue this perfect cycle.


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